How to download the Photoshop Beta and Get a Sneak Peek of Upcoming Features

This comprehensive step-by-step guide demonstrates the process of downloading and installing the most recent Photoshop beta version. By following these instructions, you can gain access to upcoming features, including the awe-inspiring new Generative Fill tool.

Authored by Steve Patterson.

As a Creative Cloud subscriber, you not only have the privilege of accessing official releases of Photoshop but also the exciting opportunity to explore its beta versions. By downloading the latest Photoshop beta, you open the door to preview upcoming features that the dedicated Photoshop team at Adobe is diligently crafting. Among these is the remarkable new Generative Fill, a feature that promises to redefine creative possibilities.

Embracing the Photoshop beta allows you to immerse yourself in features before their official release, contributing to their refinement by reporting any encountered bugs, sharing innovative ideas, and participating in the dynamic Photoshop beta online community.

It’s important to note that a Creative Cloud subscription is a prerequisite for downloading the Photoshop beta. Remarkably, both the official Photoshop release and the beta version can coexist on your system simultaneously, enabling you to seamlessly transition between the two.

Step 1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app

Photoshop Beta

“Tutorial Video: Accessing the Photoshop Beta and Harnessing the Power of Generative Fill”

Step 2: Choose Beta Applications

In the left-hand column, select Beta Applications.

Selecting the Beta apps category.

Step 3: Deploy the Photoshop Beta

Locate the Photoshop (Beta) application and proceed to press the “Install” button.

Installing the Newest Release of Photoshop Beta.

Step 4: Launch the Photoshop Beta

Once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Photoshop beta, it will be conveniently listed within the “Installed Beta Applications” section.

To launch the application, simply click on the “Open” button.

Please bear in mind that the Photoshop beta can exclusively be accessed through the “Beta Applications” category. It won’t appear in the “All Applications” category alongside the official version.

Opening the Photoshop beta.

Step 5: Confirm you are running the Photoshop beta

The Photoshop beta opens to the Home Screen.

The Photoshop beta and the official release look nearly identical.

For verification that you are indeed utilizing the beta version, Windows PC users can navigate to the Menu Bar’s Help section and select “About Photoshop.” On a Mac platform, the Menu Bar will display “Photoshop (Beta)” instead of the standard “Photoshop” label. For added certainty, clicking on this label and choosing “About Photoshop” will provide the conclusive confirmation you seek.

Opening the About Photoshop screen.

The “About” screen will unveil itself with the inscription “Adobe Photoshop (Beta).” The version number displayed in this context might differ from the one you encountered during the download process. A simple click anywhere will gracefully dismiss the screen.

The “About” screen serves as official confirmation that you are indeed operating the Photoshop beta version.

The Beta Feedback button and dialog box

Now that you have successfully installed and initiated the Photoshop beta, the question arises: How do you ascertain which forthcoming features are at your disposal for experimentation? Moreover, where can you locate them? The answers to these queries are succinctly encapsulated within the confines of the Beta Feedback dialog box.

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As you transition from the Home Screen to Photoshop’s primary interface (achieved by either crafting a new document or opening an image), your attention will be drawn to a distinct Beta Feedback button situated in the upper right corner, adjacent to the Share button. This button serves as an additional indicator of your engagement with the beta version. A simple click on this button will unveil the Beta Feedback dialog box, providing you with the information you seek.

The Button for Providing Beta Feedback.

The Comprehensive Beta Overview Display.

Within the dialog box, the primary Beta overview screen adeptly informs you of the current count of beta features available for your perusal. As of the time of composing this, two features await exploration: the Photo Restoration Neural Filter and the Multi-Image Content-Aware Fill. Additionally, the screen offers convenient hyperlinks for reporting bugs, submitting innovative ideas, accessing the Photoshop beta community, or seeking assistance. A mere click on any of these links will gracefully open Adobe’s website in your web browser.

The Beta overview screen.

Learning more about a beta feature

To delve deeper into the intricacies of a particular beta feature, and gain insights into its location and utilization, simply click on its name listed beneath the “Review Features” section situated in the left-hand column.

Selecting a beta feature to learn more.

Within this section, you will uncover comprehensive insights into the functionality of the respective feature—providing a clear understanding of its intended purpose and operational methods.

Regrettably, it’s worth noting that certain information may currently be inaccurately represented as of the time of crafting this content. For instance, the description indicates that the Photo Restoration Neural Filter can be located within the File menu, whereas its actual placement is within the Filter menu (specifically, Filter > Neural Filters > Photo Restoration). We hold optimism that these discrepancies to be promptly rectified in the near future.

The Beta Feedback dialog box provides all the information you need to get started with a feature.

Guidelines for Offering Feedback on a Beta Feature

Upon your exploration of a beta feature, it’s paramount to communicate your valuable insights and impressions to Adobe for their consideration.

Having personally tested the Photo Restoration Neural Filter (which will be comprehensively discussed in an independent tutorial), I am deeply impressed by its capabilities. Nevertheless, it’s evident that further refinements are necessary to achieve its full potential.

Trying the upcoming Photo Restoration Neural Filter.

Within the right-hand panel, positioned below the query “Are you content with the outcomes?”, I will proceed to select the “No” option.

Telling Adobe that the beta feature still needs work.

Subsequently, a dialog box will emerge, affording you the opportunity to furnish Adobe with additional insights. At this juncture, you can opt to transmit your feedback by clicking the “Submit” button, or alternatively, dismiss the process by selecting “Skip.”

Sharing my opinion about the beta feature with Adobe.

And there we have it! That’s how to download and install the Photoshop beta release, preview upcoming features, provide feedback, and help shape the future of Photoshop!

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